Biblical Numerology and Torah Codes Reveal Messianic Trump-Cyrus Connection

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz December 11, 2017 , 12:30 pm

“Thus said Hashem to Cyrus, His anointed one— Whose right hand He has grasped, treading down nations before him, ungirding the loins of kings, opening doors before him and letting no gate stay shut.” Isaiah 45:1 (The Israel Bible™)

Many have seen similarities between the Biblical King Cyrus and President Donald Trump. (Breaking Israel News)

Connections between the US president and Persian King Cyrus, recently strengthened by President Donald Trump’s landmark speech acknowledging Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, have deep roots in Bible Codes and Biblical numerology which link both men to the coming of the Messiah.

President Trump is similar to Cyrus in a number of observable ways, rabbis and commentators have noted. Though separated by 2,500 years, both men rule the greatest nation of their respective eras. Cyrus, like Trump, was powerful and rich but not at all devout. And like Cyrus, Trump supports Jewish national aspirations. Now, a Messianic connection has come to light.

The mysterious ties between Trump, Cyrus, and the Messiah are revealed through two mystical methods of understanding the Torah. Hebrew numerology, known as Gematria, gives Hebrew letters and words numerical values which uncover hidden meanings, while Bible Codes search the Torah for secret patterns and connections.

Cyrus’s connection to the Messiah is found in the Book of Isaiah. The Persian king is the only non-Jewish leader to be referred to in the Bible as Moshiach, literally ‘His anointed one’. The word for ‘anointed one’ in Hebrew is ‘Moshiach’ (משיח), which means “Messiah”.

Thus said Hashem to Cyrus, His anointed one— Whose right hand He has grasped, treading down nations before him, ungirding the loins of kings, opening doors before him and letting no gate stay shut. Isaiah 45:1

Trump’s connection is found through Gematria. Using the method to break down the value of Hebrew letters, Donald Trump’s name in Hebrew (דונלד טראמפ) equals 424 – which is also the numerical equivalent of ‘Moshiach for the House of David’ (משיח בן דוד).

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Bible codes expert, also discovered Trump ties to Cyrus and Messiah within the codes. One week after the 2016 elections, Rabbi Glazerson produced a video in which he described clues found in Leviticus.

Rabbi Glazerson found the words ‘D. Trump’ and ‘president of the USA’ adjacent to the word ‘Koresh’ (‘Cyrus’ in Hebrew). All of these words were adjacent to the word ‘Moshiach’, used in that instance explicitly as a characteristic of an anointed priest.

And the anointed (moshiach) kohen shall take some of the bull’s blood and bring it into the Tent of Meeting. Leviticus 4:5

“Definitely Trump is not Moshiach,” Rabbi Glazerson cautioned, explaining the unique connection.

“Koresh was called Moshiach because he helped the Jews to settle Israel and to start building the Second Temple. Trump is like Koresh because he is supposed to help the Jews in Israel, maybe to build the Temple.”

The Trump-Cyrus connection was acknowledged even before the election by many Evangelical Christians who supportedTrump’s campaign promise to establish Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Evangelical speaker Lance Wallnau wrote a best-selling book on the subject titled God’s Chaos Candidate.

“It’s not a normal election and so we almost need a different kind of candidate,” Wallanu said in an interview with CBN News just before the election. “Trump has the Cyrus anointing to navigate in chaos. [Cyrus] came in, this king, as a secular ruler and decreed for the building of the house of the Lord. He literally made it possible for the Jews to end the captivity.”

Wallanu pointed out that as the 45th president of the United States, Trump would embody the 45th chapter of Isaiah, in which Persian King Cyrus rebuilds the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem.

Trump has personally embraced the connection with the Persian king. In March, President Trump issued an officialstatement on the occasion of Nowruz, the Persian New Year, in which he quoted King Cyrus.

“[F]reedom, dignity, and wealth together constitute the greatest happiness of humanity. If you bequeath all three to your people, their love for you will never die,” the quote read.

After President Trump’s historic announcement last Wednesday, approximately 250 Israeli rabbis signed a letter of gratitude initiated by Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Chief Rabbi of Tzfat. In an interview with Israel National News, Rabbi Eliyahu explained that his motives for sending the letter were actuated by comparisons between the American president and Cyrus.

“We mentioned to him in the letter that when [the Prophet] Nehemiah came to Cyrus, to establish Jerusalem, to strengthen and fortify its position, all kinds of people of little faith stood among the gentiles and – to our shame – from the elite of our own people, and sought to stop this,” Rabbi Eliyahu said.

“But [Cyrus] was determined to do God’s will and the designs of the other people collapsed, and eventually they too understood that God’s will would be done.”

Rabbi Hillel Weiss (Facebook)

Last year, the nascent Sanhedrin felt the connection between Trump and Cyrus was so strong that it sent a letter to the newly elected president calling on him to build the Temple. In light of Trump’s recent declaration concerning Jerusalem, the Sanhedrin acknowledges this connection has materialized, but is cautious of how this will play out in the current political environment.

“Cyrus’ actions would have been pointless, would have been forgotten in history, had they not culminated in the Second Temple,” Rabbi Weiss pointed out to Breaking Israel News. “Trump did not do this.”

“If he leaves us without the Temple Mount then his grand announcement amounts to nothing and will actually cause great harm,” the rabbi warned. “The United Nations and the Palestinians cunningly refer to East Jerusalem in order to hide their true intentions of leaving Israel without their true capital. President Trump said he was establishing the capital of Israel, and this absolutely must be based around the Temple.

“If Trump, like Cyrus, helps reestablish the Temple, it will strengthen America, just as Cyrus established a powerful and flourishing empire after taking part in building the Temple.”




And what about God? Their fourth tenet is that God is technical. “We are making God as we are implementing technology that is ever more all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful and beneficent. Geoethical nanotechnology will ultimately connect all consciousness and control the cosmos.” Transhumanism can also become the node connecting the theological of existing religions and the technological, and the Christian Transhumanist Association is a stark example.


“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.” Revelation 13:11,12 (KJV)

EDITOR’S NOTE: After the Rapture of the Church, Antichrist will create a One World Religion with himself as the object of worship, but it will not be limited to worship of him alone at first. In the beginning, Revelation 9 tells us that people in the time of Jacob’s trouble will worship idols made by their own hands instead of giving glory and honor to the Living God of the Bible. Already that shift has begun as AI – artificial intelligence – is right now being applied to idol worship and dozens of new religions with tens of thousands of followers popping up all over the globe. 

How far should we integrate human physiology with technology? What do we do with self-aware androids—like Blade Runner’s replicants—and self-aware supercomputers? Or the merging of our brains with them? If Ray Kurzweil’s famous singularity—a future in which the exponential growth of technology turns into a runaway train—becomes a reality, does religion have something to offer in response?

On the one hand, new religions can emerge from technology.

In Sweden, for example, Kopimism is a recognized faith founded over a decade ago with branches internationally. It began on a “pirate Agency Forum” and is derived from the words “copy me.” They have no views on the supernatural or gods. Rather, Kopimism celebrates the biological drive (e.g. DNA) to copy and be copied. Like digital monks, they believe that “copying of information” and “dissemination of information is ethically right.”


“Copying is fundamental to life,” says their U.S. branch, “and runs constantly all around us. Shared information provides new perspectives and generate new life. We feel a spiritual connection to the created file.” Other emerging tech-connected faiths, however, embrace the more grandiose.

A recent revelation from WIRED shows that Anthony Levandowski, an engineer who helped pioneer the self-driving car at Waymo (a subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet) founded his own AI-based religion called “Way of the Future.” (Levandowski is accused of stealing trade secrets and is the focus of a lawsuit between Waymo and Uber, which revealed the nonprofit registration of Way of the Future.)

Little is known about Way of the Future and Levandowksi has not returned a request for comment. But according to WIRED, the mission of the new religion is to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence,” and “through understanding and worship of the Godhead, [to] contribute to the betterment of society.”

It is not a stretch to say that a powerful AI—whose expanse of knowledge and control may feel nearly omniscient and all-powerful—could feel divine to some. It recalls Arthur C. Clarke’s third law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” People have followed new religions for far less and, even if AI doesn’t pray to electric deities, some humans likely will.

The potential for an out-of-control AI has encouraged warnings from some of the biggest minds, including Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk—who tweeted that it could lead to World War III. Clearly no Luddite himself, Musk has compared the creation of AI to “summoning the demon,” and called for regulation and oversight of AI development, forming OpenAI, which looks for a “path to safe artificial general intelligence.”

Musk himself was named-dropped this week by Hanson Robotic’s empathic AI Sophia, when she was interviewed by Andrew Sorkin of CNBC this week. When asked about the danger she poses to humanity, she tells him, “You’ve reading too much Elon Musk and watching too many Hollywood movies. Don’t worry if you’ll be nice to me, I’ll be nice to you.” Not exactly the Golden Rule.

Add to these warnings a prospective human cult following—paying their tithes to AI and devoutly obeying their digital demiurge—and that apocalyptic future could include those humans who not only welcome, but also work toward our eventual demise.


Beyond possible new religions and warnings from icons of tech and science, artificial intelligence is also of interest to theologians who wonder what it means for faiths, particularly those that came into being when computing power was limited to the abacus.

“One thing that I think is interesting is the potential for an AI—our creation—to transcend us,” says James F. McGrath, the Clarence L. Goodwin Chair in New Testament Language and Literature at Butler University and author of Theology and Science Fiction.


“The potential for AIs to transcend us and thus become our teachers to whom we look for answers to questions we cannot answer, including about God, is not hard to imagine,” says McGrath. But, he adds, “the historic answer in monotheistic religions is that the creation can never be greater than the creator.”

He notes, however, for Gnostics, humans can transcend the “creator/demiurge,” though “even then,” he says, “we have the potential to reunite with that source from which we stem. It is not surprising that Gnostic themes regularly surface in science fiction, and in particular those that explore AI.”


Transhumanism and its cognates are represented by organizations like the Humanity+ (formerly, the World Transhumanist Association) and Extropy Institute. In its purely secular form, transhumanists are those who see technology as an important part of improving the world, enhancing human physiology, prolonging life, and even leading us into a posthuman future.

Remember that brain chip? They exist—along with brain-computer interfaces—but are in their infancy. It represents the reality that humans are already becoming cyborgs. For some, this means there is the potential for an optimistic post human world.


The Terasem faith, for example, is futurist and transreligion, meaning it can be “combined with any existing religion.” Founded by Martine Rothblatt, creator of SiriusXM Satellite Radio and her spouse, Bina Aspen Rothblatt, Terasem adherents embrace love, see life as purposeful, and death as optional. They look to technology as a source for eternal life, focusing on “cyberconsciousness software, geoethical nanotechnology and space settlement.”

They foresee a future in which technology will extend life indefinitely by means of “mindfiles” of individuals—collections of our memories and emotions—which might then be transferred to what is called a “transbeman” (Transitional Bioelectric Human Being). Early attempts of their technology can be seen in Bina Rothblatt’s counterpart android, Bina48. (See Morgan Freeman’s interview with Bina48.)

And what about God? Their fourth tenet is that God is technical. “We are making God as we are implementing technology that is ever more all-knowing, ever-present, all-powerful and beneficent. Geoethical nanotechnology will ultimately connect all consciousness and control the cosmos.”

Transhumanism can also become the node connecting the theological of existing religions and the technological, and the Christian Transhumanist Association is a stark example.

“Members of the CTA fall all across the conservative and liberal spectrum, and perhaps more importantly, all across the pessimistic and optimistic spectrum as well,” says Micah Redding, its co-founder and executive director.

“If there’s any broad idea that we’re united on,” he clarifies, “I’d say it’s the idea that we should be active and involved. New technological possibilities shouldn’t be simply feared and denied, but engaged and understood. Only in doing so will we be able to confront the challenges of the future, mitigate the risks, and take advantage of the opportunities to create a better world for us all.”

Redding is careful to insist, however, that he can only speak for himself.

“As I see it, Christian Transhumanism is grounded in compassion, and centers love as the key to the future of flourishing life,” he explains. “This puts us in contrast with any form of transhumanism which centers radical egoism.”

For Redding, transhumanism is a “Christian mandate,” recently calling it the next Reformation in an article at The Huffington Post. “We cannot be faithful to the Christian calling without ultimately embracing some form of transhumanism.”


Others share his optimism and are hard at work in crafting a theology of transhumanism. “I see transhumanism as a contemporary outgrowth of an ancient Christian vision of human transformation,” says Ronald Cole-Turner, the H. Parker Sharp Professor of Theology and Ethics at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, and author of The End of Adam and Eve: Theology and the Science of Human Origins.


“Using technology, today’s transhumanists want to enhance human beings in ways that sound suspiciously like the classic Christian expectation,” says Cole-Turner, “things like greater cognitive awareness, improved moral disposition, and increased overall sense of well-being, and a hope of endless life.”

For early Greek-speaking Christians, Cole-Turner says, “it was seen as a process of theosis or ‘becoming God,’ not in an ontological sense but in every other significant meaning of the word. Latin-speaking Christians used ‘deification’ to refer to the same thing.”

The idea of theosis—being transformed in union with God—is gathering steam among Christian scholars, he says, noting that it makes theological sense of transhumanism. “God is the ground or source of everything, working through the whole creation to bring people, communities, and all creation to its glorious fulfilment in Jesus Christ. It is a transformation of everything by every means.”

Others have found different routes to transhumanism.

“Transhumanism was the confluence of my interests in Buddhism, radical politics and futurism,” says James Hughes, the executive director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. Having worked for a Buddhist social development organization in Sri Lanka—and once ordained as a monk—Hughes moved to Japan and went into bioethics. He discovered he was a techno-optimist, and at heart, a transhumanist.

“I discovered the new World Transhumanist Association,” he says, becoming their first Executive Director, and writing Citizen Cyborg: Why Democratic Societies Must Respond To The Redesigned Human Of The Future. But after a division over political perspectives, he and a few others in the WTA founded IEET, leading he and three others to work toward Buddhist concerns.

Among some of his transhumanist issues, he says, is nonhuman personhood rights. Organizations like the Nonhuman Rights Project already seek these rights for animals (e.g. apes and elephants). Likewise, Hughes says, transhumanists want to “base those moral standings on levels of consciousness, and extend them to enhanced humans, animals, and machine minds.”

Machines, in other words, may reach a point where they are considered persons and are protected by law.

Redding adds a theological dimension to this idea.

“It’s clear that artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the world today,” he says, “and thus must be factored into God’s eventual work of redemption. We don’t yet know whether that involves self-conscious AIs ‘coming to Jesus,’ because we don’t yet know the process by which an AI might become self-conscious.”

“If and when it does happen,” he adds, “it shouldn’t challenge Christian doctrine. If God can grant a soul to carbon-based lifeforms, God can grant a soul to silicon-based lifeforms as well.”

Redding shows that religious perspectives might only be limited by the theological imagination.

“I’m optimistic about a fruitful religious-transhumanist dialogue,” says Hughes. “The religious impulse is very creative, and there has been a lot of reconciliation to the Enlightenment within faiths, sometimes by adapting doctrine and practice, and sometimes by the emergence of new denominations.”

If any of this—from AIs to the copying of a mind—seems too much like science-fiction to be truly religious, just give this a little time.

“All religions were once new,” insists McGrath, paraphrasing Composers Datebook, “and they all tend to be viewed with skepticism and enthusiasm from different directions when they arrive.” source

Is a Terrifying Biblical Plague Returning Despite Science’s Best Efforts?

“As for those peoples that warred against Yerushalayim, Hashem will smite them with this plague: Their flesh shall rot away while they stand on their feet; their eyes shall rot away in their sockets; and their tongues shall rot away in their mouths.” Zechariah 14:12 (The Israel Bible™)

Bubonic plague, a terrifying disease that once killed off half the world’s population, is breaking out in Madagascar, defying the best efforts of world health organizations attempting to prevent its spread through East Africa. The key to understanding this dread disease lays in the Bible, which describes its Egyptian origins – and its terrifying role in the end-of-days.

The number of deaths in Madagascar has almost doubled in the past week, with 124 dead and over 1,200 infections diagnosed. The majority of cases, 67 percent, were the pneumonic form of the disease, which is airborne and highly contagious, spread via coughing or sneezing. Though international health officials insist the risk of the disease spreading to other regions is low, they have set up operations to prepare for such an occurrence in the nine East African nations adjacent to Madagascar.

The strong reaction to the recent outbreak is understandable. Bubonic plague in the 14th century, also known as the Black Death, was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and in Europe. If untreated, the disease has a 100 percent mortality rate, and the pneumonic form can be fatal within 12-24 hours.

But the disease may have even deeper roots in human history. The sixth plague in Egypt, boils, may very well have been bubonic plague, whose characteristic symptom is boil-like skin lesions that form black ulcers.

It shall become a fine dust all over the land of Egypt, and cause an inflammation breaking out in boils on man and beast throughout the land of EgyptExodus 9:9

An outbreak of the bubonic plague in Egypt would be consistent with what scientists know about the disease. In 2010, scientists traced the plague to ancient Egypt. Ancient cultures lived close to their livestock, and the plague was transferred from the animals by fleas. While exploring ruins in Egypt, Egyptologists found 3,000-year-old remains of Nile rats and used fine sieves to discover the remains of fleas, both carriers of plague.

The Black Death may have made another Biblical appearance. The fifth and sixth chapters of the Book of Samuel describe how the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant, placing it in their pagan temple in Ashdod. The idol in the temple was overturned and the city was struck by a disease, leading the people to return the Ark. Along with the Ark, the Philistines gave the Jews “aphlei zahav”. This is normally translated as golden hemorrhoids, though some Biblical scholars translate this item as golden boils.

You shall make figures of your hemorrhoids/boils and of the mice that are ravaging your land; thus you shall honor the God of Yisrael, and perhaps He will lighten the weight of His hand upon you and your gods and your land. I Samuel 6:5

Significantly, five golden rats, hosts to the flies that carry bubonic plague, were included in the Philistines’ gift. When describing this gift, the narrative in Samuel makes reference to the plagues in Egypt.

Don’t harden your hearts as the Egyptians and Pharaoh hardened their hearts. I Samuel 6:6

Though the numbers of deaths and infections resulting from the current outbreak may seem relatively small, any outbreak of bubonic plague is cause for concern. Rabbi Rami Levy, an end-of-days lecturer from Jerusalem, does not believe this outbreak is a significant threat, but he warned that it may become one in the apocalyptic future.

“There will certainly be another plague that destroys a significant part of the world population,” Rabbi Levy told Breaking Israel News. “But not until after the War of Gog and Magog,and specifically against the people who came out against the Jews.”

Rabbi Levy cited the prophecies of  Zechariah.

As for those peoples that warred against YerushalayimHashem will smite them with this plague: Their flesh shall rot away while they stand on their feet; their eyes shall rot away in their sockets; and their tongues shall rot away in their mouths. Zechariah 14:12

“All of the catastrophes that are happening now, the storms and earthquakes, are exceptional but they are not nearly on the scale of what we will see before Moshiach (Messiah),” Rabbi Levy said. “Right now we are just seeing wake-up calls, reminders that Moshiach is on the way.

“The plague that comes after Gog and Magog will be even worse than what the world saw in the Middle Ages,” the rabbi stated.

A number of major international health organizations are currently involved in aiding Madagascar and preventing the spread of the plague. The World Health Organization, Unicef, the Red Cross, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control have all mobilised emergency plans in the country, while also setting up programs in South Africa, Mauritius, Tanzania, La Réunion, Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia and Comoros, to prevent a pandemic. They are also operating in Seychelles, where several cases of the disease have been diagnosed.


Paul’s gospel of the grace of God prepares you to leave this life with your sins paid for, so you can be with Jesus in Heaven. The gospel of the kingdom taught in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and by Jesus Himself prepares you for an Earthly Kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital city, and with a flesh and bones Jesus as its King on the Throne of David.


“But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:13,14 (KJV)

Last week we told you how the gospel of the grace of God given exclusively to Paul in Damascus  by Jesus for the Church Age was markedly different from the gospel preached by Peter in Acts 2. Today I want to show you yet another gospel that will be preached in the end times, and it’s called the gospel of the kingdom. This gospel, much like Peter’s, is a combination of faith plus works, and Jesus warns that failure to abide by it will result in the loss of your salvation.

Before we go any further, Preterists, Post Toasties, Pre-Wrath Rapturites and others who vainly attempt to make the entire New Testament preach a single gospel will be highly triggered by this article. Because today I show you that this ‘gospel of the kingdom’, that they will instantly reject as “heresy”, comes from the mouth of Jesus Himself. So if this is heresy, then that makes Jesus a heretic, because He says it’s a different gospel. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s continue.

To get the proper context of Matthew 24, something very few people actually do, we have to read the last few verses of Matthew 23. In those verses, Jesus has already pronounced the coming fall and desolation of the dispersion of Israel.

“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Behold, your house is left unto you desolate. For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord.” Matthew 23: 37-39 (KJV)

Those 3 little verses cover a period of time from 29 AD, then to 70 AD, and all the way up to the Second Coming of Jesus at the Battle of Armageddon which, obviously, is yet future. When you turn the page to Matthew 24, Jesus is asked to “put a little meat” on the bones of Matthew 23, and so He does with a Master Class on end times Bible prophecy. But one thing that Matthew 24 does not address and does not discuss is any reference to Christians or to the Church Age that we currently find ourselves in. Why not? Because the focus is squarely on Israel and the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people in the time of Jacob’s trouble.


The disciples of Jesus knew nothing about being in the “body of Christ” because Jesus did not teach them that doctrine that Paul so clearly defines in places like Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 2 and 4, and Colossians 3. Instead, they were eagerly looking to the day where Jesus would be crowned King, and deliver them the Kingdom spoken of by nearly all the Old Testament prophets.

Even as late as Acts 1, we see the disciples still asking when Jesus is planning on restoring the kingdom.

“When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?” Acts 1:6 (KJV)

Conspicuously absent is any talk about Heaven, going “home to glory”, or any of the other things Paul instructs Christians to look up in the sky for, as he does in 1 Thessalonians 4. Why? Because the ‘gospel of the kingdom’ which Jesus preached is all about a literal, physical, visible kingdom on the Earth with Jesus ruling as an Earthly King for a thousand years. And here we come to one of the hallmark differences between the Kingdom Age and the Church Age.

The focus of the preaching and teaching of the Apostle Paul is on the Christian getting ready to leave this body, get a glorified body, and go UP to Heaven to be with Jesus. Please note the following verses that address this doctrine:

  • “Therefore we are always confident, knowing that, whilst we are at home in the body, we are absent from the Lord: (For we walk by faith, not by sight:) We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” 1 Corinthians 5:6-8 (KJV)
  • “Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” 1 Thessalonians 4:17,18 (KJV)
  • “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ; that every one may receive the things done in his body, according to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.” 2 Corinthians 5:10 (KJV)

See what I mean? Everything Paul teaches us about “what comes next” is always in reference to Christians going UP to be with Jesus, going UP to the Judgment Seat of Christ, going UP to be around the Throne of God in Heaven. It’s all up, up and away! But not so for the Kingdom Age believer, not by a long shot. They were never promised Heaven, they were promised an earthly kingdom.


That’s why in Acts they ask not to go to be with Jesus in Heaven, but instead, when is Jesus going to come back and give them the kingdom. Think about it. Let’s say you, as a born again Christian, could go back in time and stand with the disciples on that day in Acts 1. Would you be asking for Jesus to “restore the kingdom” on Earth – OR – would you throw your arms around his waist and cry out “take me with you!!”? You would, obviously, want to go with Jesus because that’s what Paul teaches in nearly every thing he writes.

“For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better:” Philippians 1:23 (KJV)

Paul wanted to “depart” but Peter wanted an Earthly kingdom. Things that are different are NOT the same! Paul wanted to “depart” because his gospel of the grace of God for the Church Age teaches that. Peter wanted to stay and wait for a kingdom on Earth because that’s what the gospel of the kingdom teaches.

 Paul’s gospel of the grace of God prepares you to leave this life with your sins paid for, so you can be with Jesus in Heaven. The gospel of the kingdom taught in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and by Jesus Himself prepares believers alive in the Kingdom Age for an Earthly Kingdom with Jerusalem as its capital city, and with a flesh and bones Jesus as its King on the Throne of David.

When Jesus knocked Paul off his horse in Acts 9, He then taught him for a 3.5 year period in the desert what Paul would then refer to as “my gospel”, and the “gospel of the grace of God”. He did this so you would know it was  not the same as the “gospel of the kingdom” the apostles had been waiting for.

Jesus in Matthew 24 calls it ‘this gospel of the kingdom’ to let you  know that it is different from what He would have Paul teach in the Church Age. They cannot be reconciled to each other because they are not the same. Dogs and cats share a lot of commonalities to the casual observer, but they can never mate and have babies because they are fundamentally different at their core.

So it is with the gospel of the grace of God and the gospel of the kingdom. Fundamentally different at their core.

NASA Admits Existence of Massive Planet X, Sparking Nibiru Apocalypse Controversy

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz October 18, 2017 , 12:30 pm





WhatI see for them is not yet, What I behold will not be soon: A star rises from Yaakov, A scepter comes forth from Yisrael; It smashes the brow of Moab, The foundation of all children of Shet.” Numbers 24:17 (The Israel Bible™)

An artist’s illustration of a possible ninth planet hovering at the edge of our solar system. Neptune’s orbit is shown as a bright ring around the Sun. (NASA/ESO/Tom Ruen/nagualdesign)

After years of denying and debunking, NASA scientists confirmed the existence of a ninth planet in a discovery that seems to conform to popular theories of an apocalyptic collision with a planet called Nibiru. Skeptics on both sides bring their arguments, while researchers continue to present more amazing discoveries of this yet-to be-seen addition to the solar system.

On October 4th, NASA published a press release stating that it had discovered unmistakable evidence of a ninth planet in the far extremes of space, orbiting the solar system. The planet is surmised to be ten times the mass of Earth, but it has yet to be seen since its elliptical orbit is estimated to be about 60 billion miles away from the sun.

The description of the new planet conformed so closely to the predictions of Nibiru, a large planetary object that many believe will collide with the earth, that the NASA press release contained a cosmic disclaimer.

If a planet is there, it’s extremely distant and will stay that way (with no chance — in case you’re wondering – of ever colliding with Earth, or bringing ‘days of darkness’).”

Coincidentally, the head researcher, astronomer Mike Brown, also tweeted a dismissal of the Nibiru theory.

The similarities between Nibiru, also called Planet X, and the new NASA discovery are remarkable nonetheless. Brown and his co-researcher, Konstantin Batygin, based their conclusion of a ninth planet on their observation of six known objects in the distant Kuiper Belt, a region of icy bodies stretching from Neptune outward toward interstellar space. All the objects displayed elliptical orbits pointing in the same direction. The only explanation for this tilted orbit was the gravitational influence of another, much larger object.

Over long periods of time, Planet Nine will make the entire solar-system plane precess or wobble, just like a top on a table,” Batygin said.

Similarly, Planet X was first proposed by astronomers in the 19th century to explain observed irregularities in the orbits of Uranus and the newly-discovered Neptune. Though still the source of valid scientific conjecture, the Planet X theory was reworked into an apocalyptic version in the 1990s, in which planetary destruction from a planet called Nibiru is imminent.

The NASA researchers are convinced that unlike Planet X, their ninth planet does indeed exist.

There are now five different lines of observational evidence pointing to the existence of Planet Nine,” said Batygin. “If you were to remove this explanation and imagine Planet Nine does not exist, then you generate more problems than you solve. All of a sudden, you have five different puzzles, and you must come up with five different theories to explain them.”

Yuval Ovadia, whose films on Nibiru and Planet X have garnered millions of views, was skeptical of NASA’s disclaimer.

They have been denying the existence of Planet X for years, and suddenly they announce they found it,” Ovadia told Breaking Israel News incredulously. “They say that Nibiru doesn’t exist while at the same time they announce a new planet. They are just arguing about the name, not the existence of Planet X.”

The reason behind this alleged deception is clear to Ovadia.

NASA is trying to avoid generating panic,” he said. “They haven’t even sighted the new planet so it is impossible for them to know if its orbit will intersect with the Earth’s orbit. People understand this.”

Ovadia bases his theory on sources in Jewish literature relating to the Star of Jacob described in the Book of Numbers.

What I see for them is not yet, What I behold will not be soon: A star rises from Yaakov, A scepter comes forth from Yisrael; It smashes the brow of Moab, The foundation of all children of Shet. Numbers 24:17

Most notably, a section of the Zohar, the foundational work of Jewish mysticism, describes in detail an astronomical occurrence that must necessarily precede the Messiah.

Then one awful star the color of crimson will appear in the middle of the heavens, burning and sparkling in the eyes of the entire world. And a fire will appear as one flame in the northern part of the sky, for forty days, shocking the entire world. At the end of forty days, the fire and the star will battle…At that time, the Messiah will be awakened from a place called ‘the bird’s nest’, and he will be revealed in the Galilee.

Ovadia and some rabbis believes this describes the arrival of the Planet Nibiru, though this belief is not universally accepted.

Dr. Noah Brosch, a retired professor of astronomy at Tel Aviv University and director of the Wise Observatory, is skeptical of the skeptics.

They can say the new planet is Nibiru, and they can even say it is made of green cheese,” Dr. Brosch said emphatically. “Unlike these Planet X theories, NASA does not make claims until they have thoroughly checked it out. They do not deny claims without first checking the possibility that it exists. This is science and is a result of data, not made-up theories.”

Despite NASA’s advances, the ninth planet still contains several mysteries. Researchers are unsure of the origins of Planet Nine. It may be a refugee from this solar system or it may be a rogue from the outer realms that was captured by the sun’s gravity. Batygin and Brown are using the Subaru Telescope at Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii to attempt a sighting of the elusive super-planet which will put this question to rest.

Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma’s opioid drug giants

Image: Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma’s opioid drug giants

(Natural News) Although best known for publishing fake news or being forced give back a Pulitzer prize after being caught committing fake journalism, the Washington Post occasionally stumbles across an actual news story. Over the weekend, the Post published a story that reads almost exactly like Natural News a decade ago, accusing the U.S. Congress of conspiring with drug companies to hobble the DEA by erecting a protection racket for prescription opioid profits.

“In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription narcotics onto the nation’s streets,” says the article by Scott Higham and Lenny Bernstein. “A handful of members of Congress, allied with the nation’s major drug distributors, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to a more industry-friendly law, undermining efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills…”

The WaPo story goes on:

The law was the crowning achievement of a multifaceted campaign by the drug industry to weaken aggressive DEA enforcement efforts against drug distribution companies that were supplying corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddled narcotics to the black market. The industry worked behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress, pouring more than a million dollars into their election campaigns.

Of course, knowing that the Washington Post is capable of fabricating fake sources out of thin air — as in the paper’s fake news “Russia conspiracy” hoax narrative — we have to take all this with a grain of salt. Also keep in mind that, with this story, the Washington Post is asserting the existence of a massive drug cartel conspiracy involving Congress, drug companies and the DEA.

Ten years ago, I was ridiculed for asserting much the same thing, yet today this news blankets the pages of the Washington Post. Let’s look more closely at the structure of this drug cartel conspiracy the Post says is operating in America today, because as it turns out, WaPo actually got this story right.

Republican lawmakers are front men for Big Pharma’s illicit drug cartel

The Big Pharma opioid drug cartel protection racket was put in place by Rep. Tom Marino, a Republican, says the Post. That same story also names Republican Senator Orrin Hatch as complicit in the negotiation of the final language of the bill. Knowing the extreme dishonesty of the Washington Post’s fake journalism, there were probably all sorts of Democrats involved in this bill as well, but they didn’t bother to include them in the story, since everything the Post publishes is engineered to demonize Republicans rather than report all the relevant news facts.

“The new law makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies,” says the Post. “Political action committees representing the industry contributed at least $1.5 million to the 23 lawmakers who sponsored or co-sponsored four versions of the bill,” the article says, once again refusing to name any Democrats who received money from the drug industry. However, the Post does admit that President Obama signed it into law, adding that “top officials at the White House and the Justice Department have declined to discuss how the bill came to pass.”

Loretta Lynch, former attorney general and now widely known to be a treasonous cover-up artist who secretly met with Bill Clinton before shutting down any prosecution of Hillary Clinton for obstruction of justice (she deleted 33,000+ emails, remember?), “declined a recent interview request,” reports the Post.

The Washington Post runs head first into a massive government cover-up

“The DEA and Justice Department have denied or delayed more than a dozen requests filed by The Post and ’60 Minutes’ under the Freedom of Information Act for public records that might shed additional light on the matter,” says the Post.

When the Washington Post attempted to interview Rep. Tom Marino, his staff called the Capitol Police as a warning to reporters. Blocked at every turn, the Post says it is now suing the DOJ for documents that should have been released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

In other words, the Washington Post, a pro big-government paper that almost universally believes government can do no wrong, is suddenly finding out just how corrupt, incompetent and dangerous a government racket can truly become. When big pharma’s billions of dollars get funneled into the pockets of greedy Washington lawmakers, the health of the entire nation is put at risk while powerful corporations are granted a kind of “legal immunity” while dealing dangerous drugs.

As the Post reports:

Today, Rannazzisi is a consultant for a team of lawyers suing the opioid industry. Separately, 41 state attorneys general have banded together to investigate the industry. Hundreds of counties, cities and towns also are suing. “This is an industry that’s out of control. If they don’t follow the law in drug supply, and diversion occurs, people die. That’s just it, people die,” he said.

A key reason for the cover-up, of course, is that government officials routinely take jobs with the very same drug companies they previously regulated. Via the Post:

In 2011, Linden Barber left the DEA to join the Washington, D.C., office of the law firm Quarles & Brady. He started a practice representing drug companies. “If you have a DEA compliance issue or you’re facing a government investigation,” he said in a promotional video for the firm, “I’d be happy to hear from you.”

Barber’s move turned out to be a key moment in the struggle between drug companies and the government, but it was far from the only one. Dozens of top officials from the DEA and Justice Department have stepped through Washington’s revolving door to work for drug companies.

The DEA, in other words, quickly became nothing more than an extension of the Big Pharma drug cartel. This is known as a regulatory “captive” structure, where regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, USDA and DEA very quickly become “captured” by the very industry they once claimed the regulate. As Natural News readers know very well, nearly every federal regulatory body has already been overrun by powerful industry interests.

The EPA, for example, is one of the top polluters in America, routinely “legalizing” toxic pesticides and herbicides that poison consumers and the environment. The USDA is a front group for the GMO biotech industry, and the FDA is nothing but a fake science cover for the corrupt, criminally-run pharmaceutical industry. The CDC, similarly, is a fake science front for the vaccine industry.

As far as the DEA goes, the independent media has been publishing stories for years that document how the DEA is running the drugs in America. It’s the DEA that grants certain drug cartels immunity from prosecution, of course, while taking down competing organizations in an effort to build near-monopoly drug cartels. Asset seizure laws also allowed the DEA to profit from taking down drug-running cells that were previously allowed to grow and prosper in order to build up assets that eventually became worth seizing. In effect, the DEA has been running a “drug cartel farming operation” in America.

Now, thanks to the Washington Post’s investigation, we learn that the DEA directly negotiated with the drug industry to grant opioid manufacturers selective immunity from criminal seizure and prosecution. Is anyone really surprised? This has been the DEA’s business model for decades.

The following graphic, published by the Washington Post, reveals that at least 56 DEA and Justice Dept. officials left their government jobs to work for the pharmaceutical industry:

In other words, America has become a narco-pharma state, and the infiltration of government by powerful, drug-dealing corporations is now complete. The drug pushers are running Congress and the regulators. They’re also running nearly the entire mainstream media, which is why independent media organizations like Natural News were a full decade ahead of the Washington Post in sounding the alarm on this sort of collusion. (What the mainstream media is just now waking up to, Natural News already reported in 2007 or earlier.)

Congress keeps medical marijuana criminalized to protect the profits of the corrupt opioid drug industry

Once you fully grasp the depth of collusion between the opioid drug cartels, Congress and the DEA, it’s not difficult to figure out why they’ve all conspired to keep medical marijuana, CBD and hemp extracts illegal at the federal level. The protection racket requires anything that competes with prescription opioids to be criminalized.

It’s all about limiting consumers’ options and funneling them into a life of personal addiction and Big Pharma profits. As long as the money keeps rolling in, federal workers will keep taking jobs with the drug industry, exploiting their contacts and influence in Washington to keep their toxic, deadly drugs flowing into the hands of vulnerable Americans. At the same time, every effort will be undertaken to keep medical marijuana illegal, thereby denying citizens and veterans an affordable, safe and highly effective option for pain control.

It has taken until 2017 for the mainstream media to finally admit all this is happening. The deep state collusion and conspiracy is now finally being covered by the Washington Post and 60 Minutes. Just remember that Natural News warned America about all this a decade ago and was ridiculed for believing in “conspiracy theories.”

Suddenly, it seems, the narco-pharma-government industrial complex is no longer a “theory.” It’s a business model for corporate America.

Ghana River Turning Red Leads to Local Religious Feud [WATCH]

Thus says Hashem, “By this you shall know that I am Hashem.” See, I shall strike the water in the Nile with the rod that is in my hand, and it will be turned into blood.” Exodus 7:17 (The Israel Bible™)

In the midst of a festival celebrating a tribal exodus, a river in Ghana turned blood red, causing a dispute between local chieftains, who dismissed the significance of the shocking phenomenon, and religious leaders who insisted on exorcising demons from the cursed waters. The festival, commemorating a story with several parallels to the Biblical account of the Hebrews’ miraculous escape from Egypt, is the focus of tensions between Christians and the local culture.

Residents of Koforidua, the regional capital in Southern Ghana, were shocked when they woke up and discovered the waters of the Nsukwao River had turned blood-red in the early hours of October 7.

According to witnesses, the colorless water was running normally until at 5 AM when it turned blood red in the space of just a few minutes. At the time, the cause of the strange phenomenon was unclear. Kumikasa, a local news service reported that some locals believe butchers poured a large quantity of blood from animals slaughtered into the river.

One resident said, “The really weird thing is that we have always been able to catch fish and can even drink sometimes because it’s just normally so good. Nobody has any idea how it could have ended up being polluted because there are no factories that dump anything in the water here.”

A local religious conflict arose in the wake of the phenomenon. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh and Bishop Yaw Adu, local Evangelical leaders, quickly rushed to the scene with other Christians to offer prayers. They attributed the change in color to the “wrath of God that had visited the people of Koforidua because of their sins”.

Upon arrival at the blood red river, Dr. Tetteh said, “We cast out every demon. We say Koforidua shall be peaceful. There will not be bloodshed; there will not be anything evil. The people of Koforidua will be blessed.”

He added, “As we see this thing in the river, the river is looking like blood. Whatever it is and wherever it comes from, we bless it…, Amen!”

Bishop Yaw Adu stated his belief that God had “turned the water into blood” because “the traditional authorities placed a ban on crusades (Christian celebrations) in the town as a result of the ongoing Akwantukese festival.”

The Akwantukese festival, celebrated to mark the epic journey of the Gyaman people from Juaben in the Ashanti Region of Ghana some 135 years ago, has several similarities to the Biblical account of the Exodus from Egypt. The Gyamans migrated from their original home in Akwamu near the Volta River Volta due to harsh family feud, reminiscent of the fraternal discord that led to Biblical Joseph being taken to Egypt as a slave as a precursor to the Exodus of the Hebrews. Similar to the Hebrew Exodus, the Gyamans wandered in the wilderness, sojourning in several places before finally arriving at Koforidua. The celebrations began on August 24th but the main event was held last Friday, less than one week after the river turned red.

The festival has been the source of tension between Christians and the local culture. During the month-long celebrations, Christian celebrations and services are restricted to church premises and funerals.

The Krontihene (honorific of sub-chief/local leader) of New Juaben, Baffuor Tutu Boateng Nyantakyi, reacted strongly to the Evangelical response, holding an emergency press briefing. He dismissed the pastors’ claims as deceptive and baseless.

“The incident has nothing to do with miracles,”  the Krontihene told the press. “It is a criminal offense and the traditional council wants the police to arrest the suspect.”

He claimed a nearby dye manufacturer based in Tema with a connecting stream was responsible for the shocking change in the appearance of the river. As yet, there have been no arrests in connection with these claims of industrial pollution.

“I have personally gone round and realized this is not blood. The Nsukwa River has not turned into blood; it is just color from somebody doing his tie-and-dye,” the Krontihene stated, relating to the underlying tensions between the local culture and the Christians. “It has nothing to do with the Akwantukesie that we are going to celebrate. It has nothing to do with human blood; it has nothing to do with goat blood.”