Kill Them All: France on French ISIS Fighters

An Iraqi counter terrorism forces member stands guard in the Mosul. (Photo: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP / Getty Images)

The question of what to do with captured ISIS fighters has vexed many European countries who have nationals fighting for the terrorist group. With the fall of Raqqa, the de facto ISIS capital and reports of 400 ISIS fighters surrendering, that question has become more urgent.

France has a simple solution, as reported in The Times of Israel: Kill them.

“We are committed along with our allies to the destruction of Daesh (Islamic State) and we’re doing everything to that end,” French Defense Minister Florence Parly told reporters. “What we want is to go to the end of this combat and of course if jihadists die in the fighting, then I’d say it’s for the best.”

This fits with reports of previous French policy. When asked if the government of Emmanuel Macron would continue French policy of killing ISIS fighters with French citizenship, French government spokesman Christophe Castaner told reporters, “I say to all fighters who join the Islamic State group and then go abroad to wage war that waging war brings risks, and they must accept those risks.”

The Times of Israel also reported an understanding between the Iraqi army and the French to kill any French citizens fighting for ISIS that are caught: “We will prevent as much as possible any French person leaving Mosul alive,” said Abdelghani al-Assadi, a top commander in the Counter-Terrorism Service, quoted by Paris Match. “Our aim is to kill them so that no one from Daesh can flee.”



The transfer, according to the Wall Street Journal, accounts for most of Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which he accrued through a controversial career as an investor. The Journal notes: “Open Society has vaulted to the top ranks of philanthropic organizations, appearing to become the second largest in the U.S. by assets after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, based on 2014 figures from the National Philanthropic Trust.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: The New World Order’s resident villain-in-chief just took his evil scheming to a whole new level with what some are calling the largest cash transfer to a philanthropic organization in US history. And not just any group, but a group whose whole purpose is to sow disharmony and discord throughout our country. The Open Society Foundation is pro-abortion, anti-Israel, and uses race baiting tactics to stir up trouble. Soros spent $33 million to fuel the St. Louis race riots by busing in agitators from out of town. One can only imagine the kind of anarchy that can be created with an $18 billion dollar checking account. And the new civil war just got kicked up a notch. 

The transfer, according to the Wall Street Journal, accounts for most of Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which he accrued through a controversial career as an investor. The Journal notes: “Open Society has vaulted to the top ranks of philanthropic organizations, appearing to become the second largest in the U.S. by assets after the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, based on 2014 figures from the National Philanthropic Trust.”


Soros, who is 87, transferred the funds as part of a plan to make sure his activism continues after he retires or passes away. $18 billion is roughly three times the amount of money spent by all parties, in all races, during the 2016 election cycle, according to Open Secrets. Though not all of the Open Society Foundations’ activities will be focused on the United States, Soros’ grant easily makes his organization the biggest player on the American political scene.



Though Soros’s foundation was originally aimed at fostering “open societies” as opposed to authoritarian systems, in recent years the foundation’s work has supported dogmatic, aggressive left-wing groups that disrupt liberal democracy and stifle opposing voices. Soros has funded the Black Lives Matter movement and is considering bankrolling the so-called “resistance” to President Donald Trump. He also backs Media Matters, a so-called “watchdog” group that spends most of its energy trying to eliminate conservatives from the media.

Soros recently named former ambassador and Democratic National Committee official Patrick Gaspard as president of the Open Society Foundations as of the end of 2017. source


‘Sin of Korach’ Returning in Global Earthquake Epidemic: Bible Codes

“I form light and create darkness, I make weal and create woe— I Hashem do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7 (The Israel Bible™)

While the heavens raged above in one of the most disastrous hurricane seasons in history, the earth trembled below as a global epidemic of major earthquakes shook all around the volatile Pacific Ring of Fire. A Bible Codes expert, searching for the divine message hidden in the Mexico disaster, discovered a shockingly clear reference that indicates this trend will only continue.

The past month has had more than its share of natural disasters, with Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Jose causing almost 250 deaths and a record $180 billion in damages. Now, a global series of earthquakes is beginning to raise fears of even greater disasters to come. This double dose of elemental fury is explicitly described in Isaiah as presaging the end-of-days.

Therefore shall heaven be shaken, And earth leap out of its place, At the fury of God of Hosts On the day of His burning wrath. Isaiah 13:13

This month, while even more hurricanes brewed over the Atlantic Ocean, two deadly earthquakes hit Mexico. On September 8, an 8.4 magnitude earthquake hit the country’s west coast, killing almost 60 people and generating a minor tsunami. This was followed last Tuesday by a 7.1 magnitude quake that devastated Mexico City, killing at least 326 people.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson (Screenshot)

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, a Bible codes expert, believes he found the cause of this recent seismic outbreak. In a video published after the first Mexican earthquake, Rabbi Glazerson, using special software, searched for hidden messages within the Bible that would explain current events. The results corresponded to a remarkably appropriate verse relating to the revolt led by Korach described in the Book of Numbers.

Scarcely had he finished speaking all these words when the ground under them burst asunder. Numbers 16:31

Attached to this verse, he found a code of the word ‘Mexico’ with the Hebrew words ‘rash’ (shaking) and ‘adamah’ (ground). Also attached to this grouping were the words ‘kavod Hashem’ (honor of God). The rabbi noted that the earthquakes today are related to Korach, who was swallowed up by by the earth. The rabbi warned that the sin of Korach is being repeated today on an international scale.

“People, even people who claim to be religious, are trampling God’s honor,” the rabbi said. “It is foretold that the earth will open again before Messiah to restore Korach.”

Rabbi Glazerson found Bible Codes relating to the earthquake in Mexico. (Screenshot)

The rabbi warned that this clearly means that the days preceding the Messiah will necessarily be filled with earthquakes.

The rabbi’s warnings seem well-founded, as hints of a similar disaster were felt in the U.S. last week when a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit near Los Angeles. On Sunday, over a period of 24 hours, 28 minor tremors ranging from 1.5-2.6 hit Tuolumne City, in central California.

Seismic activity around the globe is increasing at an alarming rate. The quakes in Mexico are not isolated incidents, since Mexico is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a tectonically active region surrounding the Pacific Ocean accounting for nearly 90 percent of the seismic activity on the planet.

In fact, other sections of the Ring of Fire have been unusually active recently. Two powerful earthquakes were reported to have struck New Zealand on Wednesday, while Japan had flashbacks of a national disaster when seismic activity began off the coast east of Fukushima early on Thursday morning. In total, there have been ten major quakes of 4.9 or more recorded around the Pacific in the last week alone.

The danger was made even more emphatically clear when the Monaro Voui volcano erupted violently on Tuesday, leading to the evacuation of the entire island of Ambae, part of the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. On Monday, 50,000 people were evacuated from Bali, Indonesia as seismologists warned that Mount Agung was about to erupt.

Rabbi Yosef Berger (Courtesy David’s Tomb)

Earthquakes are indeed a source of alarm, but they are only one of the many forms of natural disaster that have struck in recent weeks. Last month, millions of acres of forests in the Northwest U.S. were destroyed in raging wildfires. Yellowstone, one of the most troubling seismic hotspots on the planet, is having one of the most active years ever with over 2,300 tremors since June.

Like Rabbi Glazerson, Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of King David’s Tomb at Mount Zion, understands the natural disasters as part of the Messianic process. Rabbi Berger explained that all of the natural disasters, earthshaking and ocean-born, are intended to bring about one specific result: the ultimate redemption.

“We have seen all parts of the globe struck by natural disaster recently,” Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News. “All parts, except Israel.”

Rabbi Berger told Breaking Israel News that he had been approached by a man recognized among the ultra-Orthodox Jews of Jerusalem as a hidden tzaddik (righteous man). This tzaddik requested that Rabbi Berger make known a message for the world.

“Anyone who looks around the world today has to see that Israel is a wonderful place,” Rabbi Berger said, repeating what he had been told. “The ingathering of the exiles is one of the final and most important stages in the geula (redemption). All these disasters have made it more clear than ever that it is time for the Jews to come home.

“The tzaddik said that this is happening in the time of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur  in order that people do tshuva (repent), and the highest form of repentance is to return to Israel.”


Signs of the End of the Age
Mat 24:3  And as he sat upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?
Mat 24:4  And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.
Mat 24:5  For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.
Mat 24:6  And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
Mat 24:7  For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.
Mat 24:8  All these are the beginning of sorrows.
Mat 24:9  Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.
Mat 24:10  And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
Mat 24:11  And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
Mat 24:12  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.
Mat 24:13  But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.
Mat 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.



Beginning on Halloween night, the Obama Foundation will begin a series of one-day training sessions and also will host a summit aimed at promoting civic engagement among students and young adults, officials said Wednesday.


EDITOR’S NOTE: After being exposed as nothing more than a shell corporation for Hillary to sell State Department influence and favors, the Clinton Foundation was forced to close its door amidst heavy scrutiny during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Not be be outdone, Michelle and Barack Obama now have their own foundation and are launching their first-ever “summit” on the high holy day of Satanism, Halloween night. I know it sounds like a story from The Onion, but guess what? It’s not. 

In a video, former President Barack Obama said the programming, along with the creation of a fellowship program and the incorporation of his My Brother’s Keeper Alliance into the foundation, is his way of grooming the next generation to “change the world.”

“We’re bringing together hundreds of leaders from all around the world for a hands-on exchange of ideas in my hometown,” Obama says in the video, which was posted to the foundation’s website and emailed to followers Wednesday morning.

“The summit will be a place to gather and learn from one another, and then go back to your communities to lead others in the hard work of change. And it will also help guide our foundation as we continue to design programs that will connect and support the next generation of young leaders here in the United States and around the globe.”

The announcement comes just one day before the foundation’s top brass will meet with the public for the first time to discuss how the Obama Presidential Center will look and what it will offer.

“We’re going to be focusing like a laser beam on this idea of active citizenship, to give people, organizations and communities the skills and the tools that they need to actively engage in positive change,” foundation CEO David Simas said.

On Thursday, Kensington Palace announced that Prince Harry will visit Chicago on Oct. 31  for the inaugural summit of the Obama Foundation. The visit means a reunion with his pal and fellow champion of veterans, former First Lady Michelle Obama.

During the Chicago visit, Harry will discuss the power of youth leadership to lead change at a local and global level. In particular, he’ll address his work with the Full Effect project, an initiative in Nottingham in the U.K. that aims to open up opportunities for young people.

BREAKING: Law enforcement says Las Vegas shooter “did not act alone” … new details

Image: BREAKING: Law enforcement says Las Vegas shooter “did not act alone” … new details

(Natural News) In a stunning statement that adds further weight to many of the questions raised by Natural News and other independent media leaders — the only remaining real journalists in America — Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo publicly affirmed his belief that Stephen Paddock did not act alone.

“…[H]e had to have some help at some point,” Sheriff Lombardo is now quoted as saying by the UK Express.

Natural News and other independent media outlets have been the only investigative journalists in the country to ask real questions that expose the gaping holes in the “official” narrative of what happened at the Mandalay Bay massacre. Websites like and The Daily Sheeple have detailed the ludicrousness of the official story with articles like “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Official story of Las Vegas shooting unravels; physical impossibility of lone gunman senior citizen makes narrative ludicrous.” Michael Snyder has also published, “16 Unanswered Questions About The Las Vegas Shooting That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want To Talk About.”

Now, Sheriff Lombardo echoes that very story in saying, “Maybe he was a superhuman who figured this out all on his own but it would be hard for me to believe that.”

This statement affirms exactly what I wrote on Natural News just two days ago, saying, “The only way he could have carried out this shooting is if he were transformed into a human superweapon through a magic wand. I’m calling this ‘Mission IMPOSSIBLE’ because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.”

The fact that law enforcement is now supporting the contention that Stephen Paddock did not act alone throws a curve ball to the FBI, which claims they somehow pulled of a miraculous investigation that cleared Paddock of ties to international terrorism groups, all in a record time of less than twelve hours. The astonishing speed of the FBI’s announcement confirms they are lying, of course. The FBI can barely complete an office memo in 12 hours, much less conduct an exhaustive investigation into international terrorism in that time frame.

Informed Americans, already suspicious of the FBI’s involvement in allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with committing multiple felony crimes via destruction of her classified emails, are now beginning to wonder whether the FBI is now actively covering up the truth about the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting.

Caller on the Michael Savage show describes TWO shooters, including one who walked through the crowd, spraying gunfire in every direction

To date, dozens of eyewitnesses have gone public with their belief that multiple shooters were involved, spraying them with gunfire from multiple directions. Earlier today, a caller to the Michael Savage show offered intimate details into her harrowing escape under fire — (and unlike Hillary Clinton, this woman was actually under real sniper fire) — where she was forced to hide while others were gunned down all around her. According to this caller, a second gunman firing a distinctive “low-sounding” gun was walking through the crowd, spraying gunfire in every direction while approaching her concealed position.

You can hear her detailed audio description at In her own words:

There was somebody walking in the crowd, spraying their guns back and forth and shooting people, and he was getting closer. The shots would stop, the officer got up and walked out, and I heard his radio because I was right there, and we heard, “We have active shooters,” and then my officer who was protecting me said, “Where is he? Where is he? Do you see him? Is he behind us? Do you have a visual?

It sounded like somebody was actually walking from the crowd, from west to east, through the crowd and shooting, because everybody was going one direction, because there was no way out. Then they would stop, and there would be higher pitches, and then no sound, and then the sound would start again, and they were on top of each other… they sounded at the same time, and the one that was lower kept getting closer sounding to us… I’m thinking, Oh my God, it sounds like there’s somebody on the ground that is shooting… Mandalay Bay was on our right, and the girl that was standing right beside me got shot straight in her stomach, and how did this bullet come straight down and make a left turn and hit her in the stomach?

Australian man staying in room next door claims “Multiple shooters”

In addition to the audio testimony detailed above, the Courier Mail (Australia) interviewed Brian Hodge, who said he was staying at the room next door to the alleged shooter Stephen Paddock. Via the Courer Mail:

Australian Brian Hodge, who previously worked at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast, claimed he was staying in the room next to the shooter on level 32 at the Las Vegas resort.

There were multiple people dead and multiple shooters. I was just hiding waiting for police to come get us… My floor is a crime scene. They killed a security guard on my floor.

Using the word “they,” Brian Hodge is referring to the multiple shooters, not the police. This is yet another gripping testimony that adds weight to the evidence that multiple shooters were involved.

The FBI, of course, maintains the “lone gunman” theory, almost invoking the same cover-up logic ripped right out of the assassination of JFK. Yet numerous eyewitnesses on the ground continue to speak up with testimonies and firsthand accounts of multiple shooters.

Were you aware the FBI routinely plots mass shooting, bombings and acts of terrorism on U.S. soil?

Few Americans are aware that the FBI actively plots a wide assortment of domestic terrorism scenarios in the United States for the purpose of recruiting targeted individuals into taking part in the plot, then arresting them as “terrorists.” Remarkably, this shocking reality was documented by none other than the New York Times in 2012, which detailed the FBI’s terrorism “sting” operations while asking whether it is appropriate for the FBI to be engaged in the plotting, planning and pseudo-execution of such mass terrorism crimes.

Natural News has also covered the ongoing domestic terrorism plots that are schemed up by the FBI:

From 2011: FBI ‘entrapment’ tactics questioned in web of phony terror plots and paid informants

From 2012: FBI nabs five mastermind geniuses after teaching them how to blow up a bridge in Cleveland

From 2015: The FBI is amazingly good at halting terror plots dreamed up by the FBI

In 2013, the Kansas City City documented yet another astonishing story about the FBI ginning up its own mass murder terrorism plots, then inserting some hapless (often homeless) person into the driver’s seat just in time to be arrested and charged as a terrorist. That Kansas City Star article, authored by Ian Cummings, is entitled, “FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots — but often plots of the agency’s own making.”

This pattern and history of the FBI dreaming up mass terrorism plots in the United States brings up the obvious question: Was the Mandalay Bay shooting actually schemed up by the FBI in an attempted sting operation gone bad? And is the FBI now attempting to cover its tracks to avoid the massive backlash that would ensue if the truth about such a monumental failure were learned? There’s no evidence yet to suggest the FBI planned this attack, of course, but the criminality of former FBI head James Comey — combined with the FBI’s current suspicious behavior and suspicious cover-up — have many people beginning to ask a whole new question: Is the FBI somehow complicit in this heinous crime?

(For the record, I personally know several retired FBI agents who are outstanding individuals, and many agents within the FBI are determined, courageous, pro-America patriots who would never go along with such a nefarious plot. However, as with any federal agency, there are also other sub-groups within the FBI who abuse their power and operate with no such ethics. And there’s no denying the FBI was recently headed by a traitor and criminal cover-up artist named James Comey.)

The FBI is also withholding critical evidence and lying to all Americans

The FBI, of course, is withholding critical evidence, just as they did following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, after which the U.S. government seized all security video tapes and held them in perpetuity, making sure the public would never see them.

Among the evidence items currently being covered up by the FBI and hidden from the public:

  • Ballistics details about the bullets recovered on the ground. What is their caliber? Are they all the same caliber? How many bullets have been recovered?
  • Where is all the expended brass that should be on the floor of the hotel room of the supposed shooter? Instead of thousands of pieces of expended brass, the media is so far reporting only “dozens” of pieces of brass. How can a shooter fire thousands of rounds of ammunition but produce only a few dozen pieces of expended brass?
  • Where is the video that we’ve all been told the shooter took of himself carrying out the shooting?
  • Where is the rest of the audio from the police breaching the door of Paddock’s room? The audio that has so far been released to the public ends abruptly just as the door is breached. We never hear the actual confrontation between police and Stephen Paddock.
  • Where is any supporting evidence to prove that Paddock shot himself in an act of suicide? Do the ballistics of the bullet in his head match his own gun? Why do many people suspect that Paddock was murdered and staged as a scapegoat by other military-trained or paramilitary individuals who actually carried out the sustained attack?
  • What other materials were recovered in Stephen Paddock’s hotel room? The FBI isn’t releasing any details, even though unconfirmed rumors claim that the room was filled with Antifa material. That could be disinformation, but why won’t the FBI confirm or deny it?
  • Why hasn’t the FBI told us how Paddock obtained his full-auto weapon? Was it self-modified in violation of federal law, or did he acquire it through the complex system involving the ATF, tax stamps and background checks?

Until the federal government starts sharing more details with the public, the real journalists of America — the independent media — will continue to ask legitimate, thoughtful questions about the tragic event that took the lives of 58 innocents. What We the People won’t stand for us being lied to yet again by an incompetent bureaucracy that seems to have been increasingly infiltrated by anti-American operatives who deliberately hide or destroy evidence in order to run their political narratives about the actual motivations behind the shooting.

Not only has America now arrived in an extremely disturbing moment in history where it’s no longer safe to attend an outdoor concert, but most of us have also lost any remaining faith in the FBI to tell the truth. (That credit goes to James Comey, a professional liar and deep state operative who covered up the crimes of Hillary Clinton and Obama regime officials such as Loretta Lynch.)

We pray for the victims of this shooting, and we honor the efforts of local law enforcement, first responders, and all the spontaneous heroes who helped save lives and shield the innocent. Now, we must get to the bottom of what happened, why it happened, and learn how to stop these dangerous, heavily medicated individuals before they strike again. And no, the answer does not involve stripping all the law-abiding citizens of America their Second Amendment rights.

Read for more updates as this saga unfolds.

SKYNET: US Military Building Giant Global Armed Central Nervous System Connected Through The Internet

Leaders of the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines are converging on a vision of the future military: connecting every asset on the global battlefield. That means everything from F-35 jets overhead to the destroyers on the sea to the armor of the tanks crawling over the land to the multiplying devices in every troops’ pockets. Every weapon, vehicle, and device connected, sharing data, constantly aware of the presence and state of every other node in a truly global network. The effect: an unimaginably large cephapoloidal nervous system armed with the world’s most sophisticated weaponry.

Leaders of the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines are converging on a vision of the future military: connecting every asset on the global battlefield.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There have been many movies that portrayed a world dominated by a hyper-connected computerized, militarized machine that connects to and controls every aspect of daily life. There was Skynet in the Terminator movies, there was the matrix in The Matrix, and the Pre-Crime system in Minority Report. Just fiction, you say? As it turns out, that’s exactly what’s coming down the pike. The US military is spending billions to create a giant, militarized nervous system where the tanks, the weapons, the planes, the boats and even the uniforms that the soldiers will wear are connected via AI. The One World System takes 2 giant steps closer. 

That means everything from F-35 jets overhead to the destroyers on the sea to the armor of the tanks crawling over the land to the multiplying devices in every troops’ pockets. Every weapon, vehicle, and device connected, sharing data, constantly aware of the presence and state of every other node in a truly global network.

The effect: an unimaginably large cephapoloidal nervous system armed with the world’s most sophisticated weaponry.

Top 10 Insane Sci-Fi Military Tech & Machines That Actually Exist

In recent months, the Joint Chiefs of Staff put together the newest version of their National Military Strategy. Unlike previous ones, it is classified. But executing a strategy requiring buy-in and collaboration across the services. In recent months, at least two of the service chiefs talked openly about the strikingly similar direction that they are taking their forces. Standing before a sea of dark- blue uniforms at a September Air Force Association event in Maryland, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein said he had “refined” his plans for the Air Force after discussions with the Joint Chiefs “as part of the creation of the classified military strategy.”

The future for the Air Force? The service needed to be more like a certain electric-car manufacturer.

“Every Tesla car is connected to every other Tesla car,” said Goldfein, referring to a presentation by Elon Musk about the ways his firm’s vehicles learn from their collective experience. “If a Tesla is headed down the road and hits a pothole, every Tesla that’s behind it that’s self-driving, it will avoid the pothole, immediately. If you’re driving the car, it automatically adjusts your shocks in case you hit it, too.”

Goldfein waxed enthusiastically about how Tesla was able to remotely increase the battery capacity of cars in the U.S.Southeast to facilitate evacuation before the recent hurricanes.

“What would the world look like if we connected what we have in that way? If we looked at the world through a lens of a network as opposed to individual platforms, electronic jamming shared immediately, avoided automatically? Every three minutes, a mobility aircraft takes off somewhere on the planet. Platforms are nodes in a network,” the Air Force chief said.

The idea borrows from the  “network centric warfare” concept that seized the military imagination more than a decade ago. But what leaders are today describing is larger by orders of magnitude. It’s less a strategy for integrating multiple networks into operations more efficiently than a plan to stitch everything, networks within networks, into a single web. The purpose: better coordinated, faster, and more lethal operations in air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace.

Top Secret Advanced Military Weapons:

So the Air Force is making broad investments in data sharing. Maj. Gen. Kimberly A. Crider, the service’s first data officer, issetting up a series of experimental tests in the Nevada desert at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas, seeking to better understand “what happens when we actually connect into this resilient and agile network” said Goldfein. The Air Force’s current experimentation with next-generation light tactical attack aircraft are as much about hardware as networks, he said. “Not only what can I buy and what can they do, but more importantly, can they connect? Can they actually share? And can we tie it to a new network that’s based on sharable information that gets me beyond the challenges I have right now in terms of security?”

The Air Force is also fielding new connected devices. The handheld “Android Tactical Assault kit” or ATAK, designed with special operations forces, provides a common operational picture of everything going on — basically, doing what a huge command-and-control station used to do a few years ago. “What we determined was that there were so many devices on the battlefield that had information that we weren’t collecting. Rather than build a system to pull that in, we actually went to a commercial entity and they created an algorithm. It’s user-defined and it pulls in whatever data you need and puts it on Google Maps,” said Goldfein.

The Air Force Science Board is also launching a study into how to control a constellation of objects, some in the air, some in the sea, some on land, some piloted by humans and others more autonomous. James Chow, the board’s new head, said the study would also consider how to connect to other services.

Importantly, although the study would come out of the Air Force, it wouldn’t stop at just Air Force equipment but would extend to other weapons and vehicles in the battlespace, like Navy destroyers, said Chow.

“Our scope would be in helping the Air Force to think about operations they would be conducting that would incorporate joint sensors and platforms, like destroyers, I think that has to be part of it. And that is within the charter of the study,” Chow  said, adding that the study has “the highest priority level for Air Force leadership.”

The Multi-Domain Army and Marine Corps

The U.S. Army, too, is investing big dollars into figuring out how to connect everything on the battlefield. An Army Research Lab program called the Internet of Battle of Things will be led by researchers at the University of Illinois, with help from the Universities of Massachusetts, multiple California State branches, Carnegie Mellon, and SRI International.

The Army is currently revising its Operating Concept for itself the Marine Corps for 2025-2040. It basically forms the framework for writing future Army doctrine, which in turn shapes training, weapons acquisition, and operations. The final draft won’t be available until the Association of the United States Army conference in October, but sources close to the drafting process said it will focus on networked, multi-domain battle.

The Marines are already conducting experiments along these lines. In April, the Corps’ Warfighting Lab staged a beach assault, linking together robots, ships, satellites, amphibious assault vehicles to share targeting info and other situational intelligence.

The Marines are also looking at tanks that are digitally connected through their armor, according to Lt. Gen. Robert Walsh, who leads Marine Corps Combat Development Command and serves as Deputy Commandant for Combat Development and Integration. Speaking at a Navy event in July, Walsh recounted how he had recently emerged from a meeting with makers of new “reactive armor” for tanks.

Walsh said that the armor — he declined to name the vendor— could heal itself while sending information about the direction of the attack to other units and back to headquarters. “It’s not, ‘we defeat a missile with a capability,’” Walsh said. “It’s ‘we quickly figure out where that came from.’ What I found was, after talking to Marines out there, that could bring out a much more offensive capability where we were originally talking about bringing a defensive capability to bear.”

Read that to mean faster clobbering of the enemy immediately after they shoot at you, rather than cowering from them.

The Navy: “Network Everything to Everything”

Navy leaders, too, are eager to connect every object on the sea, land, air, space and cyberspace. This is no exaggeration. As Adm. John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, put it during theNavy’s Future Force Expo in Washington, D.C., in July, “I want to network everything to everything.”

This is necessary to preserve the U.S. Navy’s advantage, even if Richardson gets the larger 355-ship fleet he seeks — hardly a given in today’s industrial and budgetary landscape. Adversaries are building more and better ships and weapons, and even the U.S. superiority in orbital and terrestrial sensing is diminishing. The cost of launching a constellation of spy sats is dropping asthe satellites become smaller and launches become cheaper.

“It’s going to be more and more difficult to find ranges and places where we can do exercises and practice without being observed,” the admiral said. “Think about the number of surveillance cameras that followed you on your way to this conference this morning. This idea of sensing is becoming ubiquitous and it’s shifting the competitive space in this [observe, orient, decide and act] loop so that no longer are we superior in that first mode, in the ability to observe. That’s becoming a very level playing field. Competition is shifting to ‘what do I do with that information.’ How do I manage…that avalanche of data?…The momentum of the game is not in our favor…We have to recapture that momentum.”

Networking everything is the way to win that competition. “When you start linking these platforms together, [the rate of progress is] not exponential…it’s factorial,” he said, meaning orders ofmagnitude greater than a rate of progress that is even orders of magnitude greater than a linear progression.

The Navy has already made some important progress. Last year, an experimental datalink allowed the pilot of a Marine Corps F-35B strike aircraft to send targeting data to an Aegis destroyer, which shot down the target drone with an SM-6 missile.

This push is too new, and still too developmental, to have attracted much concern from the public or Capitol Hill. But that will change. When Richardson’s remarks talk hit Twitter, arms-control watcher Jeffrey Lewis professed a touch of concern.

Certainly, “network everything to everything” sounds a bit like the setup for the Terminator franchise, wherein a fictional defense contractor, Cyberdyne Systems, convinces the Defense Department to link the U.S. arsenal to a single artificially intelligent entity. Skynet, of course, determines that humans are a threat to its existence and uses its ubiquitous command and control powers to launch a war on humankind.

Military leaders hate comparisons between their own tech projects and anything from the Terminator franchise. The reference usually comes up in discussions about individual drones with missiles or “killer robots.” Defense Department watchers are always keen to remind people that official policy is to keep humans at the top of the command-and-control loop, overseeing —or at least retaining veto power — over the decision to take life.

But artificial intelligence will play an important supporting role in helping commanders and operators makes sense of what’s happening on with all of these inter-linked devices and weapons, even as it steers and operates burgeoning fleets of near-autonomous drones, unmanned tanks, robot boats, and the like.

The effort to understand exactly how well all of these moving parts will co-ordinate has only barely begun. But it is the direction that the United States military is moving with both determination and speed. source

Iran’s Khamenei: Tehran will respond to ‘every wrong step’ taken by US | JerusalemOnline

Khamenei warns Iran will respond to ‘every wrong step’ taken by US regarding nuclear deal

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei responded Sunday to US President Donald Trump’s claim about Tehran violating the nuclear deal’s “spirit.” According to Khamenei, Iran will respond to “every wrong step by the United States regarding the nuclear deal.”

Becca Noy
image description Khamenei (L), Trump (R) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei threatened Washington on Sunday, saying: “Iran will respond to every wrong step by the United States regarding the nuclear deal.” Khamenei’s statement was a response to US President Donald Trump’s claim that Iran is violating “the spirit” of the deal.

“The Iranian regime stands firm,” Khamenei stressed. “Every wrong step by the aggressive regime [the US] regarding the nuclear deal will be met with a response from the Islamic Republic.”

While Trump did not explicitly say last week that he plans to cancel the deal that was signed by his predecessor, he repeated his claim that it is “one of the worst deals” he has ever seen. Nevertheless, US officials stated that Washington will announce the continuation of sanctions relief for Iran in accordance with the deal.

Next month, Trump is slated to decide whether Iran has breached the deal. “You’ll see what I’m going to be doing very shortly in October,” Trump said in regard to the October 15 announcement.

As reported last week by JOL, senior US officials said that Trump is analyzing a new strategy that would be more aggressive toward Iran and its proxy forces in Syria and Iraq. The sources said that the purpose of the new strategy is to pressure Tehran to end its ballistic missile program.

According to the report, the plan was presented to Trump about a week and a half ago and it will likely be officially announced and implemented by the end of this month. Reuters reported that the proposal was prepared and presented by Defense Secretary James Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and national security adviser H.R. McMaster.

Source: Iran’s Khamenei: Tehran will respond to ‘every wrong step’ taken by US | JerusalemOnline