Corrupting Christian Liturgy With The Fantabulosa Fairy


What happens when gay slang becomes the dominant liturgy of a church service?

Westcott House, an Anglican college of theology in Cambridge England, recently came under fire for allowing gay slang or Polari to be used in a liturgical service.
Forced to apologize after the outcry, the college was conducting a “liturgical experiment” to honor LGTB history month by “queering the liturgy of evening prayer, locating the queer within the compass of faith, and recovering for the Christian tradition a sense of its own intrinsically subversive jouissance,” according to a printed pamphlet.
It was only two months ago that another Anglican church was forced to apologize for allowing a Muslim woman to recite verses from the Qur’an that denied the divinity of Christ during a Christmas service.



Source: Corrupting Christian Liturgy With The Fantabulosa Fairy