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via Minister Hints Italy’s Earthquakes Divine Punishment for UNESCO Decision – Breaking Israel News | Latest News. Biblical Perspective.


See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

Source: See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

Source: See the list of 65 presstitutes who colluded with the Clintons to defraud America and steal the election… CALL FOR THEIR ARREST

Russia’s New Satan 2 Mega-Nuke Described With Chilling Accuracy in Isaiah Prophecy


By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz October 28, 2016 , 8:00 am

“The earth is broken, broken down, the earth is crumbled in pieces, the earth trembleth and tottereth.” Isaiah 24:19 (The Israel Bible™)


As tensions rise between Russia and the United States and Cold War fears return, Russia revealed a terrifying new addition to its nuclear arsenal, aptly dubbed Satan 2. Verses in the Book of Isaiah describing in detail what can only be nuclear destruction are suddenly relevant as never before as the hell weapon’s capabilities come to light.

This week, Russia revealed that it had successfully tested the RS-28, a super-heavy thermonuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missile. Containing 16 warheads, the Satan 2 delivers a blast of 40 megatons, 2,000 times more powerful than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. It is capable of wiping out a landmass “the size of Texas or France,” according to a report by the Russian Sputnik news agency.


Russia’s new Satan 2 missile. (Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau)

The delivery system has a range of over 6,000 miles at 4.3 miles per second, putting the East and West Coasts of the US within range. There are plans to incorporate Project 4202, a Russian hypersonic glider warhead carrier that can deliver the nuclear payload at an astonishing Mach 7, or over 5,300 MPH. It is doubtful that existing missile defense systems can cope with a threat travelling at such speeds.

Nuclear scenarios of the magnitude presented by this new weapon are hinted at in Biblical prophecy, most notably in Isaiah. His description of bomb shelters is clear.

And men shall go into the caves of the rocks, and into the holes of the earth, from before the terror of Hashem, and from the glory of His majesty, when He ariseth to shake mightily the earth. Isaiah  2:19

He describes total destruction that arrives in an unnaturally swift manner, similar to the instant, total chaos of a nuclear bomb’s detonation.

At eventide behold terror; and before the morning they are not. Isaiah 17:14

The prophet describes with disturbing accuracy nuclear winter, a period of abnormal cold and darkness following a nuclear war, caused by a layer of smoke and dust in the atmosphere blocking the sun’s rays.

For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light; the sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. Isaiah 13:10

The last chapter of Isaiah describes nuclear war in spiritual terms.

For by fire will Hashem contend, and by His sword with all flesh; and the slain of Hashem shall be many. Isaiah 66:16

Rabbi Yosef Berger, rabbi of the Tomb of David on Mount Zion in Jerusalem, explained to Breaking Israel News that Isaiah was describing events that had no relevance in his time, and it is only becoming clear now what he was referring to. He gave another example.

“On the fifth day of Sukkot last week, we read in the special prayers, ‘A Hoshana (supplication) of three hours’. The Gaon of Vilna (the foremost Torah scholar of the 18th century) explained that this describes the war of Gog and Magog, which will take three hours to wreak its destruction, returning the world to tohu va’vohu (unformed and void),” Rabbi Berger explained.

“At the time he said this, this made no sense. Men did not have the ability to destroy the world, or attack distant enemies on a massive scale,” Rabbi Berger explained. “It was inconceivable that a war could be waged in three hours. The Gaon of Vilna was describing a situation that is only beginning to make sense now.”

“In the same way, Isaiah was using terms from his time to describe a situation which did not exist, but when we look at his words now, we can understand how they are absolutely timely and relevant,” said Rabbi Berger.

“Also, the motivations that would bring a country to create such a destructive weapon were inconceivable  just a few generations ago,” he continued. “All this is possible to understand through prophecy, which sees this as part of a bigger picture: as the will of God. All the things the prophets wrote about, we are only beginning to see now as the precursor to the Messiah.”


Are you saved from going to Hell?
Do you want to be saved?
It costs you nothing, but you gain untold treasure; Heaven!
How to do that?
The word of faith, which we preach; guarantees
“that if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,
and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead,
For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness;
and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
For there is no difference between the Jew and the Nations:
for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.


This sort of short listing is common where government offices have to be filled around the world and for many different groups.

By Elliot Friedland

Wed, October 26, 2016


 US President Barack Obama with John Podesta on Air Force One. (Photo: © Wikimedia Commons)

The Obama administration collected lists of Muslim candidates for jobs in the Obama administration, according to previously unseen emails sent to the chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign John Podesta and released by Wikileaks. Podesta was also a former chief of staff for President Bill Clinton.

Dating from 2008, the email refers to a list of Muslim leaders vetted for top jobs within the administration (it does not provide the list). The author, Preeta Bansal, adds three points by way of explanation, the first of which is as follows:

“In the candidates for top jobs, I excluded those with some Arab American background but who are not Muslim (e.g., George Mitchell). Many Lebanese Americans, for example, are Christian. In the last list (of outside boards/commissions), most who are listed appear to be Muslim American, except that a handful (where noted) may be Arab American but of uncertain religion (esp. Christian).”

This paragraph has drawn the ire of commentators who see this as evidence that Obama’s White House was deliberately excluding Christians from senior positions. While that does seem to have been the case where this list is concerned, we do not know who, if anyone, was hired on the basis of this list.

In an ideal world, all candidates for government positions would be selected with absolutely no attention paid to their religion. Yet in today’s world, governments are under intense pressure to present to their publics a diverse staff representative of the populations they rule.

Having such a staff is also very useful to a government since it means that those in senior positions will have a range of experiences and knowledge sets, thus broadening the government’s capacity to rule effectively and justly.

It is difficult to acquire such staffing by accident, especially given the historic injustices which have bedeviled the creation of an equal and meritocratic society, not only in America but worldwide. Therefore sometimes in order to gain a representative government, those selecting for jobs have to actively search out those of different backgrounds and take active steps to ensure they are represented in the government.

This is of course assuming that the candidates will be of the highest caliber and are able to perform their functions. Promoting people who are underqualified simply because of their background is foolishly shortsighted, since they will soon prove unequal to the task and cause resentment.

Furthermore, if the list is specifically designed for the exclusion of Christians from Muslim majority countries, rather than to increase representation of Muslims, this is unacceptable. We do not know, however, the details surrounding the list and its compilation. We don’t know what jobs it covered, whether anyone was hired and whether separate lists promoting other minorities such as Middle Eastern Christians was ever created or used.

Last year Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was widely praised in progressive circles internationally for his appointment of a cabinet that was not only equally split between the genders but also was representative of Canada’s diverse ethnicities.

There is no way that happened by accident.

Given that the government has the opportunity to tap pretty much whoever it wants from the best in the country for top jobs, there is no reason governments should not also take the opportunity to make sure those positions are representative of the population at large.

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Major UK Children’s Charity Says Muslims Are Kidnapping White Girls And Forcing Them Into Sex Slavery, Using Fake Businesses As Brothels And ‘Transit Houses’


By Andrew Bieszad on October 25, 2016 in Featured

Islam and sex slavery are like peanut butter and jelly- you always find the one next to the other. Muslims kidnapping vulnerable white girls in the UK and forcing them to be sex slaves has reached an epidemic level according to a recent report from the UK Charity Barnados. They say that Muslims are setting up fake businesses, primarily car washes, when in reality they are brothels and transit houses for these kidnapped girls:

Barnardo’s claims girls are being ferried from one unit to another as sex slaves for Kurds[s].

It suggests white British girls on the run from the care system in Hartlepool, Stockton-on-Tees and Middlesbrough are being targeted.

The report said: “There were connections between people that work in car washes and the sexual exploitation of children on Teesside.

Officers on the immigration-led operation found beds at one. It was suggested staff were living on the premises.

Cleveland Police said: “It was not confirmed that child sexual exploitation had taken place although enquiries were conducted.” (source)

This is a sad and sickening picture of what the UK has become. Once one of the safest places in the West, it has allowed itself to become little more than a third-world cesspool, where its own women are being sold like slaves in the Muslim bazaars of old and the government refuses to do its job to stop it, but instead allows it to continue and tries to stop those who want to put a stop to it.

Bad Religion – Many Christians Endorse Heretical Beliefs Without Realizing It


By Tom Olago October 25, 2016

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Is American Christianity evolving into a faith with more ‘believing unbelievers’ and ‘unbelieving believers’ than simply true believers?

These oxymoron references perhaps best describe both the confusion and apostasy related to the doctrines and practices embraced by many professing Christians in America today.

In a recent article for, G. Shane Morris decries the apparent lack of understanding of Bible theology by Americans in general. “In knowing both the content of the Bible and the doctrinal foundations of Christianity, we Americans aren’t just at the bottom of our class.

We are, as Ross Douthat argues in his book, “Bad Religion,” a nation of heretics”, Morris stated.

A harsh-sounding statement — but the statistics paint the sorry picture.  A survey of 3,000 people conducted by LifeWay Research and commissioned by Ligonier Ministries found that although Americans still overwhelmingly identify as “Christian,” startling percentages of the nation embrace ancient errors condemned by all major Christian traditions.

Morris notes that these are not minor points of doctrine, but core ideas that define Christianity itself. “The really sad part? Even when we’re denying the Deity of Christ, we can’t keep our story straight.

Americans talking about theology sound about as competent as country singers rapping”, he observed, citing several highlights from the survey.

Seven out of ten respondents in LifeWay’s survey affirmed the doctrine of the Trinity–that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three Persons but one God, and six in ten agreed that Jesus is both human and divine. Their orthodoxy–and consistency–ended there.

The rest of the survey unearthed some beliefs that are shocking to note:

– More than half went on to indicate that Jesus is “the first and greatest being created by God,” a heresy known as Arianism, which the Council of Nicaea condemned in 325 A.D.

– Seventy percent of participants–who ranged across socioeconomic and racial backgrounds–agreed there’s only one true God. Yet sixty-four percent also thought this God accepts the worship of all religions, including those that believe in many gods.

– Two-thirds admitted that everyone sins a little bit, but still insisted that most people are good by nature, which directly contradicts scripture (“All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” and “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Romans 3:23; Jeremiah 17:9).

– Over half said it’s fair for God to exercise His wrath against sin, but seemed to waffle about which sins deserved wrath (not theirs!). Seventy-four percent said the “smallest sins” don’t warrant eternal damnation, in contrast to Jesus’ half-brother, who when writing at the Holy Spirit’s inspiration taught that even one infraction of God’s law is enough to sink someone.

– A full 60 percent agreed that “everyone eventually goes to Heaven,” but half of those surveyed also checked the box saying that “only those who believe in Jesus will be saved.”

Granted, the average professing Christian may just be wearing a popular tag that makes them feel better about their spiritual side. Evangelicals, however, are known to be more accurate in their interpretations of scripture and more serious in the actual practice of their faith.

As Morris noted, everyone therefore expected them to perform better than most Americans. No one expected them to perform worse. Here are some of the bizarre and contradictory beliefs that many evangelicals hold to:

– Seven in ten evangelicals–more than the population at large–said that Jesus was the first being God created.

– Fifty-six percent agreed that “the Holy Spirit is a divine force but not a personal being.”

– A huge increase in evangelicals (28 percent, up from 9 percent) indicated that the Third Person of the Trinity is not equal with God the Father or Jesus, a direct contradiction of orthodox Christianity.

– By definition, evangelicals in this survey believed that “only those who trust in Jesus Christ alone as their Savior receive God’s free gift of eternal salvation.” Yet nearly half agreed that “God accepts the worship of all religions including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.”

– Two-thirds of evangelicals–more than Americans in general–said Heaven is a place where all people will ultimately be reunited with their loved ones. Many of these folks evidently see no contradiction between their casual universalism and the evangelical creed that salvation comes through faith in Christ alone.

– Two out of five evangelicals say “worshipping alone or with family is a valid replacement for regularly attending church”.

Morris further noted that former Newsday religion reporter Kenneth Briggs recently told Religion News Service that the faith he finds in “mega-type churches” is a “Bible-less,” “alternative version of Christianity.” Scripture, he says, has become “a museum exhibit, hallowed as a treasure but enigmatic and untouched.”

The Bible remains phenomenally popular, of course. Practically everyone has one in his or her home, and many families own four or five. But Briggs characterises our love for the Bible as love for an “artifact,” a “keepsake,” or a lucky “rabbit’s foot.” This talisman of faith mainly stays on the shelf or mantle next to the urn filled with grandpa’s ashes.

Briggs says it was in a prison, not a church, where he encountered the most vibrant and intimate familiarity with God’s Word.

Most everywhere else, his observations confirmed a recent Barna survey, conducted for the American Bible Society, which found that less than half the country can name the first five books of the Old Testament and that a similar number think John the Baptist was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples.

Why does it matter that we’ve become a nation of doctrinal dunces? What harm is there in flunking Christianity 101?

Morris stated that, for Christians, the answer is obvious. If we really believe what we profess–that the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most important fact of history and eternity–then we’d better improve our grade.

Knowing who the God we claim to worship is can no longer be a third priority if we want the world to take us seriously as his followers:

“In the subduction zone between a nominally Christian culture and a distinctly post-Christian one, sparks are flying–in florist’s shops, bakeries, universities, legislatures, and bathrooms nationwide.

Those who want to live in peace with the still-sizeable Christian remnant need to move past lazy dismissals of religious “bigotry,” and learn why Christians have come to the conclusions we have for 2,000 years”, Morris wrote.

“The results of this survey ought to embarrass all of us. But they should also serve as a kick in the pants to re-familiarize ourselves with our own religion–or at least our own history. There’s no excuse to be a nation of heretics. But even that is preferable to being a nation of ignoramuses”, Morris concluded.

A recent report on these findings published in quoted LifeWay Research director Scott McConnell’s related views:

“Sometimes, as Christians in America, we’re so busy running from one thing to another without taking the time to really closely see how this relationship with God works…I think you can see this in the variety of responses [to this survey] where people are in the right theologically on several questions and then completely missing it on others.”

Herein lies the greater danger. Indications are that where Christians are ‘missing it’ creates a wide-open door for unBiblical practices — a natural consequence of the departure from knowing and accurately applying the Scriptures.

In Canada –which is very similar to the United States in many ways — some recent church developments exemplify this principle.

A story published at the end of September, Thomas D. Williams reported the case of an atheist pastor coming out of the woodwork. The pastor of West Hill United Church found herself in the middle of a firestorm ever since she came out publicly as a disbeliever.

Ordained in the Canadian United Church in 1993, the Rev. Gretta Vosper slowly began doubting the truths of Christianity until she found herself an avowed atheist, denying not only the Deity of Jesus Christ but even the notion of God altogether.

All this time, however, she continued to lead her church, deemphasizing questions of the supernatural while stressing ‘community’, based on secular values of inclusiveness and compassion.

Reports suggest that the 58-year-old pastor has a “loyal following” at her Protestant congregation in suburban Toronto, which she describes as a good fit for nonbelievers “looking for a community that will help them create meaningful lives without God.”

Members of the flock have expressed their consternation in a variety of ways, wondering aloud how a declared atheist can be allowed to lead a confessionally Christian congregation.

“My understanding is that the United Church of Canada is a ‘Christian’ church based on the teachings of Jesus Christ,” Pamella Fell wrote on a United Church website. “Why, why, why is she still with the UCC if she isn’t a Christian?”

Yet, as Williams notes, the United Church which prides itself on its inclusiveness is treating the matter gingerly, reluctant to declare anything off-limits.

“At the heart of the concerns being raised is a tension between two core values, both of which are central to our identity as United Church. The first is our faith in God. The second is our commitment to being an open and inclusive church,” wrote the Right Reverend Jordan Cantwell, head (moderator) of the United Church of Canada.

The crux of the matter seems to be that for a church that has progressively embraced every aspect of secular culture, it has become hard to say “no” to anything.

With a wink and a nod to the Bible, the United Church has accepted abortion, same-sex marriage, divorce, female ordination and openly gay ministers. But atheism seems a bridge too far.

In other words, for the United Church, it’s all right to “mold” your idea of God so that he (or she) can approve of homosexual sex and transgenderism and killing babies in the womb, but please don’t deny the divinity outright.

These increasingly common tendencies, to ‘pick and choose’ from the scriptures or to prioritize personal preferences irrespective of what the Bible teaches, appear to have filtered down to the average American Christian.

According to David Fiorazo in a recent publication of

“Many American citizens claim to love God and believe we live in a Christian nation, but most of us would admit our actions don’t always match our words, and our culture generally reflects darkness rather than the light of Christ.

People have more than one Bible in their comfortable homes, but prefer not to study God’s Word because it would interfere with how they want to live. Many profess to be saved, and yet these same folks often say there are many ways to Heaven, the meaning of sin has changed, or Jesus is not God….”

Fiorazo concludes that what people seem to be following is humanism, moral relativism, New Age, Universalism or a religion of works, none of which can be seriously defended with Scripture. The evangelical and Protestant Church was compromised many decades ago and obviously weakened.

Part of Fiorazo’s chilling conclusion: “One result is there are countless souls sitting in our churches who are not saved or don’t really believe the doctrine of the church they attend…Welcome to the new post-Christian America”.