“Until now you have asked naught in My Name. Ask, and you shall receive, in order that your joy might be complete.

Note: “Until now” denotes “the time” before Yeshua was glorified through His death and resurrection by way of the cross.

“These words I have spoken to you in figures of speech, but an hour is coming when I shall no longer speak to you in figures of speech, but I shall declare the Father plainly to you.

Note: Yeshua’s resurrection from the dead and ascension to His throne in heaven, plainly declare the power of Elohim, Yeshuah’s Father!

 loveof yeshua


In that day you shall ask in My Name, and I do not say to you that I shall pray the Father on your behalf,  for the Father Himself does love you, because you have loved Me, and have believed that I came forth from Elohim.  “I came forth from the Father and have come into the world. Again, I leave the world and go to the Father.”  [John 16:24-28]

Note: The underlined phrases declares Yeshua’s oneness with Elohim, His Father that “believers’” prayer requests will be answered directly by Yeshua ha Massiach. However, this promise covers only those who have love relationship with the Father, through loving Yeshua and believing Yeshua’s Sonship; see italized and underlined phrases above. And this truth is explicitly explained in the following verses:

“And whatever you ask in My Name, that I shall do, in order that the Father might be esteemed in the Son.  “If you ask whatever in My Name, I shall do it.

If you love Me, you shall guard My commands [Joh 14:13-15]

Guarding Yeshua’s command establishes love relationship; having faith in Yeshua establishes answered prayer. This can be proven in real live events when Yeshua revealed Himself to Muslims:



For at least ten years reports have proliferated of Muslims converted to Christianity through dreams.

 A California magazine recently published the results of a survey of over 600 ex-Muslims who now follow Jesus. “Although dreams appear to play a minor role in the conversions of Westerners, over a quarter of those interviewed [as former Muslims] emphatically confirmed that dreams and visions played a vital role in their conversion, and helped them in difficult times,” the survey said.

Others have found the percentage higher. Karel Sanders, a missionary in South Africa, reported that among African Muslims, “42 percent of the new believers come to Christ through visions, dreams, angelic appearances and hearing God’s voice.” According to Dawn’s Friday Fax, a website that focuses on missionary reports, Arabic-speaking moderators explain supernatural experiences such as dreams, visions and healings through prayer to Jesus. “This is a hot topic in our region. People from all over the Middle East call us, telling how they were healed through prayer in Jesus’ name,” they quote one missionary as saying. “Muslim listeners often call to tell us about dreams and visions of Jesus, wanting to know what that means for them.”

The same is expressed in “I Dared To Call Him Father,” a riveting book by a wealthy former Muslim Pakistani woman named Bilquis Sheikh who came to Christ through a series of mystical happenings — starting with the presence of evil, which she felt was connected to the recent slaying of a persecuted Christian.

“The strange prickly feeling grew inside me as I walked slowly along the graveled paths of my garden,” she wrote in a book that has just been re-released. “I stopped my walk and looked around. As I leaned over to grasp the tall green stems, something brushed past my head. I straightened in alarm. What was it? A mist-like cloud — a cold, damp unholy presence — had floated by. Of course there wasn’t anything out there. Was there? As if in answer, I felt a firm, very real and uncanny tap on my right hand.”

 This experience led to a series of dreams that — like so many we now hear — culminated in the conversion of this Muslim woman. Are such dreams more prevalent now — with the world situation as it is? Or have they always occurred?

We know that dreams can be important. We think of Abraham. We think of Joseph, the betrothed of Mary,  the mother of Jesus.

But they are also crucial in our own time and in the case of Sheikh, whose husband had been a general and Pakistan’s minister of interior, they formed an important part of her conversion — if not the important role. As she explains in this well-written book (which was first published in 1978), she had been brought up in a Muslim faith which believed that although Jesus was born of a Virgin, He was not God’s Son. Still, Sheikh felt moved to explore the Christian Bible — and that’s when it all began.

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Now, having read and witnessed the love of God toward us, you might want  to know how to go about obtaining God’s mercy and forgiveness of all of your sins. It is very effective and simple:

Romans 10:9-12  That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.   For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.   For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.  For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him.  For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

Go ahead, just do that, then find a biblical based church and get baptized by immersion.

Aaron Halim