Church Sales And The Shifting American Demographic

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Church Sales And The Shifting American Demographic

July 22, 2014 |Tom Olago

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Throughout America, church buildings are either being sold and demolished, or replaced by Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, Hindu temples, and in many cases even private residences, non-profit organizations, schools, medical facilities, restaurants, bars, museums and art galleries, among other facilities.

Tanya Basu, in a recent article for the says that this is a national trend reflective of the changing demographics of American society. Basu’s conclusions are largely based on trends identified by Dave and Mary Raphael of Raphael Realty, southern California, whose realty firm has dealt solely with sales of religious properties for 35 years and have by virtue of their business been in a unique position to observe the trends in church sales.

Also referenced is Ellen Levitt, author of The Lost Synagogues, a series of books and tours exploring the changing of hands of the Jewish place of worship to churches, community centers, and schools. Levitt says that in Queens (a classically Jewish borough that had become more Latino, black, and Asian over the years), there is a former synagogue that is now a mosque, at least two former synagogues are now Asian churches, and at least one former synagogue is now a Hindu temple.


Church Sales And The Shifting American Demographic.