His flat-form: TIME FOR A CHANGE…does it not ring a bell? He did mention, in the interview as reported  in the video below about President Barrak Hussein Obama winning the election with the same rhetoric “TIME FOR A CHANGE…” We can see the change in the USA.

Will he win the election? Most likely! If Obama’s “TIME FOR A CHANGE” flat-form could sway a vast majority of not very poor and not very many of illiterate masses, it will certainly go well in Indonesia.

If Obama won the election twice with the obvious result of drastic CHANGE; the middle class population made to struggle to keep alive (what a change?), and the have-nots do not have to struggle anymore to live comfortably (at the expense of the taxpayers); this “promised” CHANGE is perfect for the country of my birth, Indonesia!

Behind it all, don’t forget, there is a group of very WEALTHY people: the king maker (Bilderberg)!

Yes, the New World Order “players” are being put in place!